When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains

however improbable, must be the truth.

14 January 1986
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Me, myself and I
Woman-person, reader of a great many things, fan of an even greater number of things. No where near as active as I should be but that is what I get for being an introvert who hates the sunshine as much as a vampire. Older (obviously) than when I started this way back when; a little bit wiser than then too, I hope.
Fandom Love

I used to keep a 'currently reading' list here but over the years it has depressed me because I end up reading things over what I would like to finish. Seriously, my TBR pile is bigger than my Read pile and that is both awesome and sad. Awesome because it means I have so much to look forward to reading. Sad because I sure as heck need to stop buying books and stick with what I have. Alas, I have no control.
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